Web Design with Purpose

Intrug is a web design company found on the experience of creating designs with purpose and meaning. With over 5 years of experience in creating websites, Intrug can help your ideas get visual.

Usability, Clarity and Consistency are the founding pillars of Intrug web designs.

Usability :

While designing the website, Intrug always think about what users will do on the website and user tasks. In additional to these, Intrug focus on navigation, precedence, text and adherence of standards to ensure the web design is user friendly.

Clarity :

A crisp and sharp design is must for any website. At Intrug we understand this can be achieved not only through CSS and also through Photoshop and we thrive hard to make this happen.

Clarity in design alone is not enough when it matters and we do know. So we make sure the website carries clarity in the message it conveys also through from the selection of colors to perfect navigation.

Consistency :

A professional web design means consistency in the web design elements. Be it headings or fonts, consistent through out the website really does matter. We do not settle for anything less than this.


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